e-Create is our content authoring solution that meets all your content authoring needs! There are dozens of products that allow you to upload some copy and some text and then publish it (not quite as quickly as ours, but they do exist!). But there's nothing quite like e-Create out there that will also allow you to plan a campaign around e-learning modules, Case Studies, Veeva emails, and fragments.

Not only can you create these materials from start to finish, but you also publish them directly from the platform onto our UK-based server environment (or your own, if you prefer).

Once created, you could be nice and then translate and re-purpose what you've created for some of your affiliate markets - those markets with smaller budgets and similar requirements.

They may even send you macarons as a thank you, you never know.

e-Create: The Content Authoring solution built for Pharma by Pharma

Create content simply and efficiently with e-Create

With an impressive catalogue of elements, helpful templates, and easy-to-use interfaces within e-Create, it's straightforward for anyone in your team to create digital content easily.

E-Create is an interactive content & learning management tool designed and built to help publishers, agencies, Pharma companies, trainers and educators create modules and microsites quickly and cost-effectively.

e-Create: The Content Authoring solution built for Pharma by Pharma
e-Create: The Content Authoring solution built for Pharma by Pharma

How does e-Create work?

Three simple, straightforward steps:

Why e-Create?

Why Us
Why Us

eCreate is perfect for:

  • Getting content/updates published quickly
  • Content creators who want more to their storytelling than just text and images
  • The Pharmaceutical Industry and other compliance-heavy environments/industries
  • Educators looking for a more immersive way to communicate with their students
  • Brand Managers looking for consistency in data collection

e-Create will enable you to:

Productivity: Build all of your digital touchpoints in one place in a fraction of the time of the traditional agency-client relationship

Efficiency: Speed up delivery turn-around times,

Consistency: Remain true to your brand and global design system and data collection

Compliance: UK data servers keeping your digital output within current UK GDPR guidelines

How is e-Create able to do this:

  • Simple and efficient to use
  • Can be worked on in real-time collaboratively
  • Allows you to use a wide variety of content from text to audio to video to animations
  • Specifically designed for the Pharmaceutical Industry by experienced industry specialists so code compliant
  • Can be adapted/updated whenever it is needed (even when completed) easily
  • Analytics will track what is popular (and what is not) with learners
  • Can easily be designed and created to be as interactive as you want
  • Simple for the learner to navigate through
  • Embraces the modern way of learning by incorporating gamification for the learner
  • Google analytics and Veeva mapping are in place to be able to track the progress of the learner’s journey
  • Can produce certificate(s) of completion on modules/courses